Clearly See The Difference!

Clearly See The Difference!

A-Boss Opticians, is a family owned complete Optical shop with 3 locations: in Braddock, Brookline and Bethel Park. Established in 1971, the tradition of providing quality eyewear at affordable prices remains our number one mission.

We take pride in helping every patient select eyewear that is cosmetically appealing as well as recommending products and services that meet each patient’s individual needs. We specialize in children’s eye care and offer the latest in high-definition lens designs available.

A-Boss Opticians displays over one thousand frames to meet each patients style, needs and budget.

Our updated equipment and on-site laboratory ensure your eyeglasses will be exactly as the doctor ordered. Same day service available at times.


  • We are locally owned and family operated business. A greater % of dollars you spend stay in that community.
  • We strive for quality, service and choice in price.
  • Our certified opticians are experts at choosing the products that will meet their customer’s need and beliefs.
  • We produce satisfied customers with personalized service
  • We carry a large selection of fashion-forward frames – contemporary, bold and elegant, sports, suns and safety frames, as well as economy frames. Styles for all ages.
  • We are well known for our expert repair service.
  • We have over 50 years experience serving the community of Braddock and Brookline.


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