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So much nostalgic eyewear is currently being re-created and re-interpreted.  We have the real thing.  And that’s where the lust begins for countless in-the-know fanatics.

So many eyewear companies are recreating and re-interpreting the nostalgic retro looks from the 70’s to 80’s. Let’s get real !! Nothing replace the real thing.  Want the real thing?   Not a re-interpreted version of the Retro look.

We are cleaning out our inventory. We may have what you’re looking for!

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Featuring brands like…

  • Neostyle
  • Christian Dior
  • Gucci
  • Laura Biagiotti
  • Gianfranco Ferre
  • Carrera
  • and more posted each week…..

Here’s a sampling of some of the glasses we carry:

COLLECTORS   Antique Eyewear

We offer a collection of antique eyewear from 1890-1950. There are lots of  eyeglasses to pick from.

Vintage Eyewear Shows Coming Soon: TBD. Stay Posted!