BrokenGlassesIf we can’t repair them…… no one can!

A-Boss repairs broken eyeglasses every day… glasses others consider not repairable.

We take pride in our repair service with over 40 years of experience.  All repairs and prices below are based on the wear and tear of the frame once inspected. Understand that our reason for repairs is to get you by till your next exam or purchase of new eyewear.

Come to A-Boss, you’ll see why so many people refer us regularly for expert repair services.

repairs1Adjusting and Realigning 

At A- Boss we have years of combined experience in adjusting and realigning the most damaged, twisted eyewear that other opticians would not attempt.  In the event that your eyewear is beyond even our help, we can re-frame your existing eyeglass lenses into a comparable style for as low as $40.


Soldering of broken metal frames

We use 10K gold solder to permanently repair most of the metal alloy frames on the market. (Titanium will not hold gold solder).  Because of the extreme heat, once soldered we buff and if needed paint that part of the frame to help cover up the discoloration of the repair.

Cost of basic solder is $20.00, additional charge for parts such as nose pad arms.

 If solder is not possible we can re-frame your existing eyeglass lenses into a comparable style for as low as $40.

repairs3Replacement Parts

Broken rimless nylon cords – $6.00

Replace nose pads – $8.00 per pair

Replace temple covers on metal frames – $5.00 per pair

Replacement temples – $12.00 and up

Broken hinges on plastic frames – $10.00 and up

Drill out broken screws – $4.00 & up

repairs4Drill Mounts

A – Boss can replace loose and missing drill mount plugs for Silhouette and most other drill mount frames.  Also, A-Boss can replace most  broken hinges, temples and bridges on a three piece mount.  Prices vary according to manufacturer.